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Pull Marketing is a Toronto-based design and marketing boutique specializing in: identity & branding; brochures & marketing collateral; annual reports; and web design & development – to help businesses create and launch their brand experience over multiple touchpoints.
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We craft content that influences behaviour and inspires change.


Starting with listening to you and gaining a clear understanding of your business needs and challenges, your marketing project is skillfully crafted to connect your offering to your customers in a way that has relevance to them.

Like a ship without navigation, it will be difficult to keep your project on course without a clear understanding of where you want it to end up and how you will get it there. Your creative strategy sets out a map for the direction that your marketing message and visual approach should take.

Determining the best creative strategy begins with information gathering:

  • Objectives. Individual projects may have specific objectives, but they should always fit within your over-arching brand communication goals. Ask: What is the desired outcome for the project? How can it help to advance the brand objectives? How will you measure your goals?
  • Positioning. Where do you want your business to be positioned in your marketplace? We help you define a brand voice and personality that puts you where you need to be relative to your competitors.

  • Key Messages. What sets your business apart? Why does it matter? What tone needs to be conveyed? We can recommend key messages that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Target Audience. Who is your message intended for? How will you reach them?
  • Visual Approach. How will the look and feel of the design reinforce the key messages? How will it fit within the established brand objectives and guidelines? We are passionate about beautiful, compelling design.
  • Execution. What budgetary or time constraints need to be considered? What resources will be required? How will the process be managed? We are sensitive to budgetary and time commitments that may impact the outcome of your project. We can recommend solutions that are customized for your needs and manage the process from concept to final production.


With your specific objectives in mind, we polish your image and build your brand so that your audience fully appreciates how special you are – Innovative. Smart. Trusted. Desirable. 

And we position you in your market where you need to be to make the biggest impact.

What is a brand? A brand is what people feel in their gut about your product, service, or organization – the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. Your logo and all of your marketing messages are not your brand, but they have a role to play in your brand development.

Branding is the process of creating and transmitting your brand idea to the marketplace. Branding includes activities (or brand signals) like your logo, fonts, colours, website, brochure and packaging – all the visual associations with your brand idea – but also includes things of a more experiential nature, like how your product functions or how your CEO might deliver a speech to shareholders.

We are emotional beings. Yes, rational thought plays a role in our buying decisions, but more often than not, it is our emotions that drive our behaviour.

A popular example many of us know and love is the Apple brand.

When you experience the Apple brand – product design, packaging, advertising, in-store experience, online experience, customer support – you know that every detail has been part of a carefully conceived and well executed brand strategy. Apple would not be the successful company today without it. Its customers feel a strong loyalty and affinity to the brand, tapping into the human desire to belong to an elite club or “tribe”. Even though the products may cost more, the perceived value is greater and people are willing to pay to participate in the brand experience.

People are irresitably drawn to brands they love.

There are many emotional drivers that influence buying behaviour and brand preference, and they are often layered and complex. The key is to make a connection with your audience in a way that has meaning for them.

A successful brand:

  • Differentiates. Successful brands clearly differentiate their product or service relative to their competitors. They have a clear brand promise.
  • Evokes emotion. Successful brands connect with customers by evoking an emotion, usually triggered by a perceived need or desire.
  • Is recognizeable & memorable. Successful brands are unique and clearly understood to win a spot in their customer’s mind.
  • Is consistent & authentic. Successful brands develop visual identity systems to use across all marketing platforms. They reinforce a central brand promise.
  • Engenders trust & loyalty. Successful brands are trusted. They develop a loyal ‘tribe’ that helps spread the word about them to others.


Inspired by art, pop culture, beauty and technology, we provide creative solutions

that capture the attention and ignite the imagination – through artful story-telling, rich imagery, crafted typography, relevant context and meaningful engagement.

Because there are so many opportunities for your business brand to connect with audiences now, it is more important than ever to stay focussed with your brand messaging. Compelling design helps to define your brand personality so that your message can be articulated with one, clear voice.

There is no doubt that consistent, well-conceived creative is the most successful way to promote awareness of your brand and cultivate the brand preference and brand loyalty that is necessary to ensure the longevity of your business.

What is Compelling Design?

  • Compelling Design structures the thoughts and visual components on a page or a screen so that they have appeal and can be easily understood.
  • Compelling Design ties concepts together across all marketing collateral, across all touch points, in a creative manner that reinforces your creative strategy and builds your brand value over time.
  • Compelling Design attracts positive attention from people who have a genuine interest in your product or service.
  • Compelling Design connects what you offer to your customers in a way that is recognizable, memorable, likeable and shareable.


Informed by creative strategy, the design process follows a proven method:

  • The Idea. Idea generation is a mix of inspiration, creative instinct and a dedication to problem solving.
  • Creative Development. Working with one or more ideas, various creative approaches are explored. Visual support such as photography, illustrations, colour and typography is considered, in order to bring the winning idea to life.
  • Copywriting. Some projects require a few (or many) words to convey your message clearly. We can either use your approved text or work with a professional writer to finesse your business message to best reflect your brand.
  • Design and Layout. Design and layout are guided by the same principles as many other art forms – balance, unity, rhythm and proportion – with succinct and refined delivery of your central business message as a primary goal. We consider design aspects like visual alignment, hierarchy of information and use of whitespace to arrive at the most elegant and effective solution. We adhere to any existing brand guidelines you have established so that your project is consistent with your marketing collateral.
  • Execution. Even the best ideas can fall apart if they are not well executed. We take the time to understand factors that can impact the execution of your project – budget, timing, stakeholder approval, vendor coordination, production and delivery – in order to ensure the best outcome.


We tie concepts together across all your marketing collateral and across all touchpoints to build your brand value over time.

  • Logo Design
  • Naming and Tag Line
  • Visual Identity Programs
  • Stationery Programs
  • Brand Story Development

  • Corporate Brochure Programs
  • Annual Report Design
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Product Brochures
  • Product Catalogues

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Signage & Posters
  • Event Marketing
  • Website Design

  • Newsletters
  • Website Banners
  • Infographics
  • Templates
  • Presentation Graphics